Mould format change for capping machines

Mould format change for capping machines

A manufacturer of bottling machines needs to position and replace moulds inside the capping machines.

During the inspection, the local retailer checked the dimensions of the machine and the position of the plate in policene for the change of format of the capping machine compared to the guides positioned on the ground under the machine itself.

To meet the customer’s needs, a special version of the manual mini forklift has been designed. The special lengs with lenght of 800 mm equipped with nylon side protections, allow the lifter to be placed in the perfect position to position the moulds at the exact mounting point.

The presence of nylon makes the race of the legs smoother in the spot invitation guides, without damaging the lifter.

Custom tubular forks are mounted to take the mould on the last 30 cm. To allow the precise positioning of the moulds, 2 stops are welded as reference stops, while two pegs on each fork,ensure load stability during handling.

In this way, the user can get into the machine under the mold, to arrive at the bar and lift the forks so that the pins go to fit the holes on the mold, thus avoiding damage to the machine, to the moulds and in any case ensuring the safety of the operators.