Handling of coils in a medical environment

Maintenance system of moulds for glassware

Mini lifter to feed unwinding machines
Mini manual lifter Handy with gripper for positioning molds
Mould format change for capping machines
Compact lifter for large-sized reels
Manual lifter to change moulds with side handling

RHML500PLUS the manual lifter for all needs

Placement of plastic film coils

Handling bulky pipes

Easy handling of packaging boxes

Handling PVC reels

Minilifter for lanes with tracks

System for lifting paper rolls on pallet
Lifter for bulky reels with transverse reel holder

Mini lifter with modular front cradle

Mini lifter semi electric with positionner forks

Effortlessly reels insertion

Rotating drums in narrow spaces
Mini lifter with bigger spur

Mini lifter with platform with balls

Mini lifter for coffee production
Handling of baskets in grid
Lifting and emptying metal drums
Positioning of coils for bottling machines

Safe replacement of forming tubes