Positioning of coils for bottling machines

Positioning of coils for bottling machines

One of our dealers carried out an inspection at the Venice plant of a leading multinational in the food and beverage sector.

The customer needs a load for the supply of delicate PVC coils that must be taken from the pallet and put into a machine that bottles water.

The reels are always in a horizontal position, but must be taken in one direction and released in the other, for this you need to have a cradle that rotates on its axis. We developed a special pivoting cradle in tubular steel with bearing spheres. This cradle allows you to gently slide the reels of PVC labels that will go applied on water bottles from the pallet to the bottling machine, without damaging them.

A two-position lever placed on the accessory door plate next to the pillar allows rotation of the cradle on its horizontal axis. In this way, the coil is charged to the cradle in one direction and released into the labeling machine in the other.

Given the position of the center of gravity so advanced and the guaranteed capacity of 100 kg, the cradle is mounted on a ITE mini lifter. The steel mast ensures stability during the handling of the load and safety in use for the operator.

The cradle is equipped with tilting stops to maintain in position the coil during transport.

For better ease of use, the lift and the descent of the cradle are controlled by a wired push-button with three buttons.