Placement of plastic film coils

Placement of plastic film coils

One of our dealers was looking for a solution for one of his best customers, a food industry which distributes pasta and similar all around the world.

They have to take a reel from the floor and place it inside a machine, which has no space for the legs of the lifter on the floor. To help them, we produced a customized fork set suitable for handling reels with specific dimensions.

The forks have a semi-slot in the tip suitable to accommodate the decoiler that is inserted into the core of the coil.

The packing machine in which the coil is inserted has no room for the passage of the spokes on the ground, for this reason, the spokes of the carriage are shortened and the forks lengthened. In this way, the operator can work cantilevered and reach the grip and release point of the coil without any difficulty.

The special forks so shaped are mounted on a mini lifter Newbingo 200 that has a standard capacity of 200 kg, but for this application is downgraded to max 50 kg.