Compact lifter for large-sized reels

Compact lifter for large-sized reels

Customer: company followed by our area dealer.

Requirement: lift bulky reels of paper and cellulose having a diameter of 400 mm and length of 3000mm

Analysis: on-site inspection and analysis carried out by our area dealer

Solution: as a result of this request, we have developed the new Handy Plus. This version was designed directly with a front cradle in order to lift and handle large-sized reels.

The study structure guarantees a maximum load of 500 kg and its wheels and individual nylon rollers assembled on ball bearings makes it easy to handle and slide. The chassis is extremely compact and thus enables operators to move in tight spaces compatibly with the dimensions of the loaded reel.

The mini lifter basic version is equipped with an accessories holder plate that enables assembly of any standard accessory of the range, such as forks, platforms, cradles, rollers, etc. However, in this case, the cradle is assembled directly on the mast. The cradle is equipped with two safety locks that enable the operator to move the load in total safety, without any danger of losing the load and possible damage not only to the reel, but also to operators. A lever is fitted on the side of the cradle, which lifts and lowers the safety locks. The cradle is lifted by means of a hydraulic pedal pump, whereas descent is regulated by a lever on the side of the pump. The requested lifting height is 780mm, therefore, the low mast enables the operator to easily control the forklift and the position of the locks without having to go around the lifter. Lastly, the two handles that run along the mast facilitate forklift sliding without any stress